Planet Heart - A 2012 Vision Quest by Ritchie Stardreamer Sinclair

Planet Heart
A 2012 Vision Quest
Ritchie Stardreamer Sinclair
Acrylic, irridescence, florescence and phosphorescence on canvas, 1995, 54" x 54"
Signed limited edition hybrid silkscreen / lithograph, 28" x 28", 2011 release

The lithographic excellence of Herzig-Somerville along with the screen printing expertise of Holland & Neal led to the creation of the first ever "dual-image" glow in the dark print.

Planet Heart, A 2012 Vision Quest is a hybrid litho-silkscreened print which depicts a vision of our world from outer space. The 28"x28" print is unique in that it hangs like a diamond and includes a narrated story with music and effects which together create a multi-media presentation. The print glows vibrantly under different lighting conditions and responds magnificently to ultra-violet light (blacklights).

This unique dual-image signed LE print can be purchased here.

The Planet Heart 2012 Vision Quest initiative will be touring Canadian schools in the autumn of 2011.

A Brilliant New 'Star' on the Horizon
by R. Kriewaldt for the Omega Centre, Toronto (1995)

Stardreamer, a shamanic artist, has captured the "Big Picture" of global destiny within a 28" x 28" diamond-shaped frame. Inconspicuously packaged as a multi-media sound and visual presentation, the contents within are indisputably powerful healing medicine by anyone's cultural yardstick.

At a glance the "Planet Heart" print is presented as "the first, ever, dual-image, glow in the dark print". It also features an accompanying 8 minute visionary narration with effects and music. Together they create a dramatic sound-scape assisting viewers on their own personal Vision Quest experience. Stardreamer; a name given him by "an old Native Medicine Man", as the Vision Quest story reveals, is a spiritual son of Ojibway Grand Shaman and world-renowned aboriginal artist; Norval Morrisseau. Morrisseau had a vision himself, and Stardreamer (aka Ritchie Sinclair) was ultimately to become his only apprentice of non-Native genealogy.

Herein lies Sinclair's enigma, the son of missionary parents, ironically now, a "white shaman". A master of inspirational imagery, caught between the reverberating values of two cultures yet belonging to neither one. His work is a hybrid, borrowing from the strengths of each culture to create a foundation of insight that provides a significant message to both. The art of Ritchie Sinclair is the story of the greater inclusive family of Humanity; which goes beyond borders, boundaries and bloodlines.

His art expresses a profound sense of perfection, resolution, balance and harmony. First and foremost, Stardreamer is a creator with multi-dimensional talent. Aside from his commanding ability to give life to canvas, he is also an accomplished musician/songwriter and a gifted craftsmen of the written word. And now with the Planet Heart project he has carefully orchestrated the force of his many talents into what can only be described as a magical sojourn of the senses.

His work has been displayed at prominent events throughout his successful career. These include; Arts Against Apartheid in 1986, where, at the request of Archbishop Desmond Tutu, his two-part work entitled; 'Lighthouse' was showcased at all the major events and gatherings. More recently, Mr. Sinclair's mural; "The Meeting Place", a 21' X 16', 28 canvas, a cross-cultural dynamo of vibrant imagery and colour was featured as the centrepiece for the first Toronto International Pow Wow at the Skydome.

Beyond exhibiting his work for the public, Sinclair feels his most satisfying contribution to the world is in his work with young people. He often visits Toronto area schools to initiate co-creative art projects with children so that they may also learn to experience and express their own creative potential. His most recent creation for inspiring "the adult in every child and the child in every adult" is the Planet Heart Project, which invites others to gain a deeper understanding of their own place in the world.

"It inspires insight", he states matter of factly, and after my own experience I am inclined to agree.

On April 18, 1995, the Planet Heart multimedia sound and light show was officially unveiled as the central attraction of Stardreamer's fine art exhibit entitled;"Spirit Unearthed", here in Toronto. After the presentation I witnessed the room erupt with an applause that was far from gratuitous; I sensed it was truly heartfelt. Some were so deeply moved by the experience that they had to brush away tears. To those who experienced the full impact of the show's message, the evening was an unforgettable event. The following Saturday, the painting hung high above the ceremonial stage for Earth Day at Toronto's Nathan Phillips Square; a most appropriate emblem for a day that seeks to unite the world under the banner of greater global consciousness and a deeper respect for the Earth.

As a shamanically-inspired creator, Stardreamer has begun an odyssey that will assist this and future generations in understanding that we are all a part of the great Earthship; each of us a steward of it's destiny, each of us intimately connected to one another by the common thread of our humanity.

The Planet Heart Vision Quest is a sensually rich archetype with a profound, yet simple message. I believe it is an artistic beacon; a visual guide; and a bridge into the new millennium, today. For those that have been waiting; this is the future, the future is now and Stardreamer has already reserved a seat for you...

R. Kriewaldt
Toronto 1995

Narration and music by Keith & Ritchie Sinclair
This video does not display the secondary phosphorescent imagery of Planet Heart.
Attend a Planet Heart 2012 vision quest gathering
or order a print to view this aspect of the project.

A true tale "enhanced" by Ritchie Stardreamer Sinclair (1995)

My name is Stardreamer. A name I was given long ago when I was befriended by an old, Native medicine man.

One Autumn, we were sitting in a field enjoying one another's company, when he asked me the strangest question

"Star Dreamer, do you know where the centre of the Universe is?" he asked, with a twinkle in his eye.

Thinking I was being wise, I smiled boldly as I replied by placing my hand over my heart to indicate love. He nodded his head as if to say 'yes' and nudged me saying; "Nope, but you're close". I felt the blood rush to my face, embarrassed for a moment at my near miss.

"Venus, the planet of love, is the centre of the Universe", the medicine man continued, "It's a special place and a source of great inspiration for many a weary traveler". With a quick wink and a nudge I replied back to him; "Well maybe someday I'll visit there!" And the old man smiled.

Years passed and I never thought about our conversation again, until one winter's evening when I woke in a vision... I found myself floating high above the swirling gases and majestic peaks of Venus. Far off in the distance, I could see our Earth, like an opalescent marble, slowly turning as it bathed in the warmth of the radiant sun.

I remember losing myself in thoughts of the Earth, the wonder of life and the magic of existence itself, when without warning, I was dazzled by a blinding light. It was an enormous comet passing nearby. and behind it streamed a brilliant, multi-coloured tail. I watched the fiery ball of light in awe, following it's path as it traveled onward, when quite suddenly, it dawned on me;

It was heading towards the Earth!

Waves of fear raced through me when I saw our precious sanctuary of life threatened with disaster. I was overcome then by the deepest compassion for all the World's creatures. I thought of my family, recalling their faces in my mind. I thought of humanity and the tears of sadness stung my eyes. Watching helplessly, I began to cry.

In the midst of all this, I could hear a faint sound, like the beating of a distant drum, growing louder and louder. Where was it coming from? Was it coming from inside me or was it outside..., somewhere out there in the vast Universe?

The comet plunged ever-closer toward Earth as I stood there trembling and I turned my head to look away. For a moment I found myself staring aimlessly behind me into the gases, still aglow in the wake of the comet's tail. Then, turning back toward home, I witnessed the most incredible event...

Before my very eyes the World transformed into a magnificent, cosmic heart. As the heart appeared before me in all it's brilliance, the comet disappeared. A great peace swept through me and I was entranced by the beauty of the Earth's heart. The drumming became a gentle, rhythmic pulse, softly beating along with my own heart and I was moved from deep within.

Gentle light began falling upon this serene landscape which surrounded me and to my utter amazement, I realized I was now standing on the Moon. The soft glow of the surrounding Moonlight seemed to pulse in time with the heart of the World and everything became tranquil. I closed my eyes then and in that moment I knew, beyond a shadow of doubt, the truth of my vision.

I knew that we shared our World with the Universe in a unique and special way. I saw the faces of the people I love as they cared for one another and I knew that we were all like one big family and that it was our hearts, beating in unison, that had broken the silence of the Universe with resounding waves of love.

When I finally opened my eyes I found myself home once again. Sunlight danced through my window and spoke to my eyes. I looked out upon the rolling fields, adrift with sparkling snow and I knew that all was well. I felt a tender love for all the creatures of the Earth. It was then that I remembered the twinkle in the eyes of my old friend when he asked me where the centre of the Universe was and I finally understood...

It was all just a question of vision.

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