Dawn at Clear Lake (2011) Ritchie Stardreamer Sinclair

Dawn at Clear Lake
Ritchie Sinclair
acrylic on canvass, 2011, 28" x 66"


don said...

I feel like I've been there

don said...

When you explained to me the release of "form" and the embracement of "spirit", I began to see the physical world in a different way. Through ones imagination, one can feel this spirit and flow with it.

As I hike in the bush and through this magnificent creation, I can stop for a moment and dream. I can go to this parallel place. This is the place where spirit reveals. This is the place that one can be one and experience.

This is what I see and feel about these images you have captured. The trees and the rocks and the flowers and birds are revealing their inner spirit through colour and form and they allow me to be a part of it. I think this is why I feel like I have been there. Its because I have and I am.

It is a pleasure to meet you at this place.