The Re>Envisioning (2012) Ritchie Sinclair

The Re>Envisioning
Ritchie Sinclair
acrylic on canvas, 2012, 26" x 42"
'Re' is the ancient Egyptian sun god identified primarily with the midday sun however the meaning of the name is uncertain. It is thought that if not a word for 'sun' it may be a variant of or linked to words meaning 'creative power' and 'creator'.

Re>Envisioning 2012

2012...The End of the Age... End of the World... Apocalypse Now! Isn't this the fear-based vision that we all have been spoon fed over the years?

But is it true? If perception becomes truth as quantum physics suggests then we are in deep do-do. The signs are everywhere if you feel like looking at them. Thousands of news articles connect the 2012 dots to current events. Birds falling from the skies, beachings, mass riots, the 99%, polar-shifts, earthquakes, sun flares, roving planets and bankrupt countries with counterfeit currencies propping up fake governments elected by corporate media syndicates. And those are just the "realities" of life in the matrix. Just over the impending doom horizon are a dizzying variety of frightening epidemics and World War 3.

Fear is acute. It sells better then love. Politicians use fear to win elections because it works best. Corporations use fear to sell products because it works best. Offering paradise is OK but striking fear into someone's heart really motivates. Bliss doesn't drive one to the polls or pharmacy.

Many people don't share their fears easily, perhaps for fear of making them come true. Fear comes in waves, and then moves on, returning when re-stimulated. Biological fear is (bio)-logical. It makes perfect sense. The form of fear used to motivate us to vote, work for crumbs and consume on command is, in my opinion, a brutal assault on personal identity and entirely "illogical". They've been using adult "monster-under-the-bed" stories to violate us; the imaginative kind that we helped our children grow out of.

My mentor liked to call emotionally charged thought-forms like these, "aberrations of the mind". It was a favourite topic that he often returned to. In spite of formidable obstacles he had developed his own personal power through trial and error and felt that people gave away their vital power too easily to the powers that be and then refused to reclaim it.

Since the 1970s corporate dominance of every sector of society has been escalating. Borders are a thing of the past. Nations have lost power. The advent of the "international" corporation ended national taxation and regulations. Now entire countries owe unpaid debts they can't pay to a machine they don't know. Checkmate.

Most of us have collectively been subject to premeditated, sophisticated brainwashing our entire lives. Who premeditated it? The simple answer is; we did. We've been fooling with our collective psyche for decades. Our addiction to media got the better of us. Just turn on your TV to see the human imagination run amok. These are our dreams in the process of being realized. Our visions are coming back to haunt us. We are each in the 'Truman Show'. Of course we don't want the mass media telling us who we are, but with an estimated 5000+ ads per day filtering into the average person's consciousness you better find a campsite alone to take a breather and remember who you are.

How do we step back from the edge of our self-created abyss? Shattering grand illusions isn't the shamanistic way, especially when a creative shift in perception leaves it all behind.

My suggestion? "Shamanize" your environment. Replace the malevolent spirits. Mass project a better, wiser, more interesting grand vision of tomorrow then the one already dramatized into existence. You have the power to embrace your future, live in dread, or live somewhere in the flux in-between. Your identity is you and your vision quest is underway. Get in the driver's seat!

Experts will tell you that Hollywood simply reflects the prevailing culture of the day, but there's more to that story. Creative intuitives sift through the ethers to bring down what is attracted to them. Their work precedes the manifesting mainstream and therefore the collective arc of time as society perceives it. A musician lives his album long before re-living it through an audience, who are themselves living it for the first time.

Bring your vision down.
Tell the story you want to tell the World... and yourself.
Use your imagination. Be your own genesis.
Live in your fantasies instead of theirs.

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Amen Brother!