Red Bear Healing Vision (2012) Ritchie Sinclair

Red Bear Healing Vision
Ritchie Sinclair 
2012, 22" x 30", acrylic on canvas board 


don said...

art as as prayer. I have been giving away doodles as love and prayer offerings to a number of people. It is good medicine and I believe it works.

I remember you telling me about how to approach the creation of art. How to draw from spirit and love and pour your entire being into "changing the world" a brush or a line at a time.

I have used your Red Bear Healing Vision as a prayer guide a few times now. I look at the painting and I just meditate on it for a while, and then I go to magnificent places.

Its a beautiful thing to be engaged in art. I think art has such power because there is a lot behind it. I think the art is merely a representation of a much larger force. Its almost like when you look into the eyes of a see God.

peace and every good blessing to you Ritchie

Anonymous said...

Nice painting.