Epi-Genesis (1986) Ritchie Sinclair

Ritchie Sinclair
1986, Oil On Canvas, 36 x 48 inches.
From the collection of E. Lipsius, Peterborough, Ontario

This complicated oil painting is essentially a "manger scene" that brings together events that transpired during the winter of 1985/86. Central to the painting are the iconic figures of Joseph, Mary and the Christ Child. This archetype has been utilized to portray two healers attending to a prone woman undergoing a rebirth. (I wrote an article exploring this event in an earlier post.)

The Healing ritual takes place within the periphery of the Shuttle Challenger's shocking destruction, so depicted. The crew of the Challenger, like sheep led to slaughter, willingly walked the great path of sacrifice to meet their untimely end, and potentially, their new beginning. High radiant Angels, twinned in Light and Love, arrive to participate in the blessing. Higher still, in a sleigh, rife with presents from the three I see Santa, gliding smartly into destiny. Serious times call for Sirius measures. An Epigenesis in the tunnel of love.

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love the sheep!